As an interior designer, I take pride in my strong work ethic and exceptional organisational skills. I never shy away from taking on new challenges that push me out of my comfort zone. I work great in teams yet am self-motivated when working alone.  I am known for my friendly and positive outlook and am always keen to maintain a professional and respectful demeanour when dealing with clients and colleagues.

My love for design sparked my journey with Fiona Leahy Design, an amazing event design company in which I worked as an intern. To refine my skills even further, I pursued a degree in Interior Design and Styling. During my studies, I had the privilege of working freelance with Olivia Outred Studio. This experience allowed me to gain new industry skills and break into the industry. Upon graduation, I was offered a job at Olivia Outred Studio, a job that would deepen my understanding of interior design and fuel my passion even further.

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